To review please

Hi need some help please with some reviews.
I think I am making a recurring mistake because I am in a moment when I loose almost every game and I was winning some games before this.

If Someone can check if he see the same mistake in this couple of games It would be very appreciated.
If you wish to review only one game I would be honored too.
Thank you

And this two I resigned pretty early

What should I study? What part of the game? opening? midle game?
Thank you

I’m also in a process of learning and I think the thing that helped me the most improve was at every move question yourself, “What does that stone do?”. If you have no idea why you would place a stone there, then it probably isn’t a good stone. From the games you provided, I think studying life and death would be a good place for you to start.

You can also shoot me a challenge anytime if you want a game, I’m not that great either, but I think humans learn better when they actually play :smiley: