"Tokyo Go Federation"?

What’s the Tokyo Go Federation?

I was watching the Takemiya–Goto game on Sunday Go Lessons, and got to this point near the start:

Discussing Takemiya, the English subtitles say He plays for the Tokyo Go Federation.

The Tokyo Go Federation doesn’t have a page on Sensei’s Library. I initially thought that the Tokyo Go Federation was an unusual translation of the Nihon Ki-in, and indeed Nihon Ki-in can be heard – but you can also hear the announcer say Tokyo.

Is the Nihon Ki-in perhaps being referred to as the Nihon Ki-in Tokyo Go Federation / The Japanese Go Institute of Tokyo to show respect to the Kansai Kiin, like how Taiwan competes in international sports under the name of its capital, Chinese Taipei, rather than as the Republic of China?

This seems to be the case, because a little bit later the announcer seems to say that Goto Shungo is playing for the Kansai Go Institute of Japan or something like that, again saying Nihon Ki-in but in combination with Kansai.

This may seem to be the case but it appears not to under further scrutiny.

Nihon Kiin has multiple headquarters or branch offices.

The main one is in Tokyo 東京本院 and Takemiya thus belongs to Nihon Kiin, Tokyo branch 日本棋院東京本院. It even translated in google maps as Nihon Ki-in Tokyo HQ.

The another one is Kansai one 関西総本部, so Goto Shungo and Iyama Yuta belong to 日本棋院関西総本部.

The third one is in Chubu region, I assume, 中部総本部, so Hane Naoki belongs to 日本棋院中部総本部.

This is all Nihonkiin, Kansaikiin is separate, you won’t find Goto Shungo in the list of Kansaikiin players.

You can view Nihonkiin players by branch here:

I learned this now, so this might not be entirely accurate.


I see! Thanks.