Too many bugs on this website

  1. The tournament got stuck yesterday, though it has been fixed.
    Now, in the tournament 2023 Rounds Survival , Everyone has two games, one named R4 and the other named R5. It has been the second time that the bugs appeared in this tournament. (The tournament skipped R2, the another bug.)

  2. Some of the players show offline when I communicate with them but they are actually online. That’s odd.

  3. When I clicked on other player’s main page, it always says ‘User not found’, including mine. That means I can’t see the game history and that caused great trouble.

There are hundreds of bugs on this web now. I don’t know when they will be discovered and when they will be fixed. But bugs should be paid attention to! Don’t fix them only after when they appear.
(For example, auto-score system not working has happened many times, though fixed every time.)


I’m having this issue right now with my profile.
Seems something new.


Yeah, same here. The URL pattern changed. Where it used to be flat_chocolate_mountain it’s now flat_chocolate_mountain.

I, also, prefer to do my QA testing in production :stuck_out_tongue:


Both of your links don’t work for me

Edit: now the second works

Edit: now it doesn’t work again

Seems like an intermittent bug. Maybe a firefly? :smile:

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I think the site runs pretty smooth considering its size and that we only have 1 dev. He’s asleep right now, it’ll be fixed soon. Please be patient everyone :heart:


There are in fact 194 issues that folk could be bothered reporting, plus the ones that people whinge about but don’t report.

Speaking of paid, you get what you paid for. I didn’t see you paying anyhing?


I am deeply offended by both these under-counts :yum:


1 dev with access to prod, smarty pants :stuck_out_tongue:


“Pay attention to” means “notice”, I am speaking to the developers.

I have encountered nearly 10 different bugs.

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We had better wait the developer to fix the bugs. I just hope that I don’t need to face with so many bugs at the same time.

You sound awfully entitled to demand bugs being fixed on a server where you can play for free…

The only* developer who can push updates through is currently asleep, and will be so for the next 5 or 6 hours. If you can’t stand the huge number of bugs, you’re free to play Go at some other server in the meantime.

*Incidentally the only paid one as well


Yes, you are :slight_smile: Rudely, I might add…


I think the tournament bug has been exisiting for a long time(at least from last year). Probably the developer has fixed it for several times. Although the developer is very tired and he has to work to fix bugs, I still hope that the bugs can be completely fixed. Fewer bugs can reduce the workload so that the devloper can be less tired of fixing bugs.

Just a comment on this one. Players who play via a third party app and not directly on the site do not show as online. There are quite a few of these.


Thanks for response. I never knew this before.


Pretty sorry for improper description “hundreds of bugs”. Maybe I was extremely annoyed at that time.


No problems. To be honest, we are rude ourselves in the way that we have fun when someone does that :smiley: :smiley:

There is a very active community here that works hard to make a good site … we’re keen to hear about problems so we can fix them.

But of course we are proud of our creation, and don’t like hearing that it has too many bugs :joy_cat:


It’s understandable, bugs can be frustrating. And for me it’s better to hear about them and have this feedback than for people to just abandon the site without mentioning anything.

I hope you can stick with us!


I see. My problem. I am a bit bad-tempered. And at the same time I hope these bugs can be fixed comepletly and don’t happen next time, so I came out with a bit rude words…

Anyway, you can invite some programmers if possible. That would greatly decrease the workload of the developer.