Too many bugs on this website

@GreenAsJade and @benjito are both already in this discussion and do a great deal to fix front end problems, currently the dev is the only one with access to the production server for a number of good but unimportant reasons. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I laugh?

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That would be helpful.

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Please realize that “any kind of assistance is welcome” is not true.
Or rather, it is true only until you say what you think/feel.
I just want(ed) to help. And fairness, for completeness.

I think this is veering slightly off topic, and one should focus on site bugs, particularly those raised in the OP, or just the general sentiment of the title of the thread.


As I have said elsewhere, I am tired of being ignored.
Move it to a new thread if you want to.

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I too believe there’s bugs (an abundance, bless our hearts). And then we get new features, and those get bugs and it’s like that because OGS is not static, it evolves. I have a better time playing today than 3 years ago, and there’s been tons of bugs in those 3 years, it happens. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I pay good money to Microsoft and they’re a buggy mess, and those are actually tools necessary to earn my living from a billionaire corporation. So, I won’t funnel the frustration that I can’t show to someone powerful because I can’t go against them to someone I find manageable (1 dev). Sometimes bugs are annoying, but really my life doesn’t depend on them, I can wait and come back later. Even if I lose the most important tournament game, eh, my life still doesn’t depend on it :woman_shrugging:t2:.

I find the “welp, it’s free, go away” unwelcoming, and honestly it bugs me each and every time, more than the whinging.

Yes it’s free, but there’s also common sense and honor for free services. I’m not saying we don’t have it, I’m saying it’s reasonable to expect it.

It’s really a good exercise to appoint proper significance to things (both to bugs and complaints).


I do understand this, and I’ve been hearing your concerns each time.

The one thing I’d love to be able to convey, somehow, is how the “this site sucks” message affects me personally, and hence why I respond as I do.

When I put in hours every day coding those plentiful bugs, it truly pisses me off to have completely thoughtless people step into the forum as if I’m not even here and complain in an entitled fashion about my work.

It is a personal thing - a personal affront, and I take it personally.

Which of course I perhaps should not, but I do think it would help if you were able to see this point of view - it may help it bug you less each time it happens, if you understand the underlying reasons more: what’s happening to the person on the other side. Maybe you could even help mediate calmly instead of beating me up for it :slight_smile:

FWIW that’s also why I quickly acknowledged and apologised in turn as soon as the OP recognised what they had done. (And full credit to @Reloading … many people never apologise!).

I am aware that it’s not really best for the community, because it does have that unwelcoming effect … but it’s a balance. It’s also not best for the community to tolerate rudeness :woman_shrugging:

Like if someone walks into the bar at a live Go club and says “this place is awful, what a sucky bar”.

Sure you’d hope the old time members are a bit considerate, but the ones who are renovating the bar right at that moment my tell the newcomer where to go…


The thing is, you don’t have to throw “it’s free, suck it” in there. It has the opposite effect, because it cheapens the message.

You didn’t even mention it above, if I’m not mistaken, and that your out-with-everything.

I wholeheartedly agree with (paraphrased)

OGS is a labor of love for most people involved. Most are volunteers, so they contribute with limited time and resources. You wouldn’t guess from the result, though, seeing how some expect a whole team of developers to be on call. :slight_smile:

Please remember that the team takes pride in their work and the wonderful community that has built around their efforts and try to express any concerns in a respectful and constructive manner.

This is an online platform and technical issues cannot be ruled out 100% and technical stuff I have no idea ( :woman_shrugging:t2:). The team tries to address all issues that arise, and sometimes other more pressing matters may take precedence, although they may not be apparent to the end user.

It really makes a difference to try to be kind and understanding, because the team are dedicated, passionate people who work hard to bring the best OGS to everyone.

tl; dr It doesn’t matter if it’s free, that’s not the point. It’s worth enduring y’all :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for this - awesome exchange.

I’ll try to take it on board

(While waiting for your reply, it occured to me that we could perhaps do with a template for responding to situations like this … and lo and behold you provided it :smiley: :sunglasses: :heart: )


Maybe we need to make this a subscription based account so we can have funds to make this site look better.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean?

It is a subscription service, with a free offering. You get all the important things for free.

You can “become a supporter”, pay a small subscription, and get some extra benefits.

If enough people would do that, maybe I could quit my day job :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

(right now the subscriptions pay for 1 developer (anoek), servers etc)


Maybe if there was a nice, clear, step-by-step guide somewhere on how to report bugs on Github that non-programmers could understand, more bugs would be reported?


I think thats fair. I think we all love the game of Go, and this site. We just want the best for this place. We need a clear clean way of making this right, instead of complaining. Im at fault for this my self.

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I share your opinion but you should not feel that guilty because each of us may have a different idea of what to prioritize in the development so that could be a fruitful contribution.

You know how it is with developers … they’d rather develop and complain about the lack of testing, documentation and other things than actually do testing, documentation and other things :wink:


I had not realised the code was on github till I read this thread! I am pleased and intrigued, but doubt I will find time to look at it closely any time soon.

I wonder whether there are any regression test suites, and whether anything could be done to attract developers who are actually interested in testing (hmmm), documentation (errrr) and other things (¿¿¿???) — I believe they exist, indeed I feel that I am evidence for that claim — but as I suggested, I fear I am currently not ready to dive in.

@benjito has added a lot of testing recently, though I’m not totally sure of what type :sweat_smile:


Tests of the “unit” variety :grin: I am one of those devs that is a fan of tests, but we haven’t reached the critical mass where they are very useful yet.