Too much info displayed in Stone Removal Phase

I am a new player hence I doubt I may miss some previous discussion about this problem.
I suggest that the information displayed in Stone Removal Phase of a ranked game or tournament should be minimal. Since if both players cannot agree the status of a group, the game will resume. In current state, the UI will display the total score of the game after both players pass. Sometimes both players may have wrong judgement and think certain groups are dead when it is not. With the display of score in Stone Removal Phase, one player may be reminded by the UI info displayed and change his mind to re-attempt to play the game instead of giving up.
Hence I suggest that the score of both side should only be displayed AFTER both players confirm all status of the group. I am aware that the problem above should be discussed somewhere but I cannot find it. Please feel free to educate me on the situation or link me to the relevant post. Thanks.


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