Tornament game fast correspondence - time is running out to move

hi, i have a bunch of correspondence games going on. i can cycle through most of these games by clicking on the black circle with the number in it.

but the games in the Tournament Game: Fast Correspondence Tournament do not seem to show up there. instead i get and email that says: Your time to move is running out, visit to make your move.

how do i find these games without having to click through all of my games?


This is due to a known issue that just started recently. Summarised here: Notifications and outstanding game count not working

In the mean time, you just have to keep your eyes on your games. Your Profile pages shows you them all, so it’s not hard to scroll through and see what is pending.

Also, people have suggested that the Chome notifier plugin is still working. I wouldn’t rely on that being true: the same issue might be stopping it from telling the truth, but it’s another way of getting a possible warning.

(I use it, and it has been working for me, but I never have more than 2-3 games at once).


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i just lost that game :frowning:
i usually use chrome for my ogs games so that may be part of the problem.
glad to hear it’s a know issue.