Toshiba 2415-s205 Laptop - Any Idea Where I Can Find The Specs?

Helping my Grandma clean out an old house of her’s today, we found an old laptop she used way back when that was supposedly good in her own account. I am trying to figure out the specs and learn when this unit was manufactured, and it seems I can find little. Their official site is no help, Amazon gives some information, but more a basic overview where I want serious data. YouTube apparently has nothing, so I am at rock bottom :weary:

I was wondering if anyone has a digital manual I can use or had experience with this machine. If so, I would be very happy and so appreciative. If not, I will find some way to ascertain information on this new gadget of mine :man_shrugging:

Weird place to ask for this, you’ll probably have more luck asking it on some computer forum.

If the laptop works, you can find the specs inside it, under the “about” section in the system settings.


Does this help?