Total Novice Tournament (TNT) - 9x9 - Dec 2022

I’m starting a new topic for discussions, questions and comments about our Total Novice Tournament (TNT) - 9x9 - Dec 2022

We are starting Thursday, December 1, 2022 so maybe you have still get a chance to join.


When you say “novice”, you mean new players only or low rank players in general?

That’s a valid question. Thank you
To be precise, I mean players in a range of 21-25kyu.

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Is there an expected rate of play for this kind of tournament? I am looking for guidelines, because I have not played a correspondence game, before.

The clock has 2 days with an 8 hour increment per move. My guess is that the 8+ hours are for living our lives away from the go board, but how long should we be thinking about our moves? My inclination is to play, as much I can, as if we had a “live” clock, instead of a correspondence clock, but I do not want to offend anyone by playing too quickly (appearing as if I was not taking the game seriously), nor too slowly.

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The time setting is quite quick by correspondence standards but so long as players are online most mornings and evenings it should not cause them any difficulty.

As long as you play within the agreed settings no one is likely to be offended. In a typical tournament there will be those who find themselves finishing some games as if they were live and there will be other games that will be played just within the limit because players are on opposite sides of the globe or merely wish to take their time with it.



Exactly :smile:

Thank you very much Kosh for this clear explanation.

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That is great and even more successful!
I hope that it will happen again, thanks for organizing it.