Touraments and analysis

Two new tourmament rounds started last week for me, and at least one of has analysis turned off. I play on this go server to use analysis to inform my play. I have lots of other places to play that demand reading in my head. This place is special for me because do the reading on a board before I play.

Is it considered proper to download sgf files from a tournament like this, and do the analyis offline?



I think it would be fair that in such tournaments you and other participants don’t use analysis. You can look for tournaments that have enabled analysis, or start your own if you want. Of course, no one can stop you to download SGF files.

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If analysis is disabled, so is SGF downloading actually :slight_smile: (not that folks can’t just transcribe the game … but at least it’s work to do so :))

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Also those are likely the old title tournaments from the original OGS that just started new rounds since we merged in October. I’ll fix it up so the next round of games has analysis enabled.


New rounds of Alan Turing tournaments are started with analysis disabled. This is wrong because idea of this tournaments is to allow any help you wont.

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What exactly is the point of disabling analysis in correspondence games? Or even in live games for that matter?

Are players only supposed to read ahead in their minds and be prohibited from playing out moves on a board (real or virtual)? If so, is that really enforceable?

I understand that players shouldn’t use AI tools, but doesn’t that apply for analysis-enabled games anyways?

Additionally, disabling analysis has the drawback disabling conditional moves, which only slows down tournaments.

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This is an issue that people feel passionately about on both sides so we have included the option to disable it if the player (or tournament director wants) for games. In this case it was just a mistake and will be fixed for future rounds.

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