Tournament - bug in wins \ points correlation?

I’m playing in this tournament . As you can see the #1 player Darsey has 6 wins but 7 points. Is there a reason for this? (Don’t hate me Darsey plz :P)
It looks like other people had already posted on a similar issue
here Possible bug in tournament scoring?
and here Point Bug in Title Tournament?

Yep this is an issue I’m tracking

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I know this is an old thread but just wanted to let dev’s know the bug is still present.

Here is the link to a recently completed 13x13 reoccurring site tournament where I was given 8 points instead of the 7 I earned though it doesn’t appear to have affected the standings at all.

This bug appears to still be an issue:


This is the first round of a Simultaneous McMahon. I can confirm (with screenshot)

With Screenshot

…that everyone started on zero as intended.

I will correct the points manually before the next round begins but I have left it ‘as is’ in case that helps track the bug.

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Now fixed manually. For what’s it’s worth, I can confirm that the bug persisted when Tamarack won another game. ie. System was awarding 7pts for 5 wins.

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