Tournament Bug? Winning player showing a loss

I noticed that a game I won shows a loss on the tournament record, and also saw this in another tournament with to other players. Possible bug? Hope this is the appropriate place to post.



Can you provide a link to the game or tournament?

Looks like one of the tournaments is this one: Seems like a display bug… like black is showing as the winner regardless of who won. I filed #2539.

This look like a display bug, since (at least for the tournament I found) the points totals are correct. In which case, this is almost definitely fallout of a recent change that touched the tournament display code.

If you see a case where the points totals are wrong, please report back!


Confirmed the pattern of the bug in tournament grids. The bug means that:

  • In the top-right, “win” means that black won, “loss” means that black lost.
  • In the bottom-left, it’s mirrored. “win” means that white won, “loss” means that white lost.

This is just a visual bug in the web client. The game/tournament results are recorded correctly. Once the fix lands, the tournament grid will retroactively look correct (again).

A fix is up for review. I think/hope @anoek will be able to deploy tomorrow.


Impressive response time wow. Dropped this before bed and its already handled, rock on dexonsmith!

I can post the links but since they’re already back in order I’ll just say thanks instead.