Tournament Bug?

There has been an error in this tournament. Dhaumyric should be facing Sofiam in the final match. If I disqualify kamobad he will miss out on a Bronze trophy. But Dhaumyric has won at least the Silver trophy and has expressed they are upset over the situation.

  1. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this situation?

  2. Here to raise awareness of a potential bug.


How do you figure? Kamobad lost and is sent to the loser bracket where he plays Sofiam. Whoever wins plays Dhaumyric in the final. If that’s what the tournament is doing then it all matches up.


Are we sure that Dhaumyric did not accidentally click on the ‘resign from tournament’ button? This would explain why I am facing kamobad in the final match.

@PetAccount I believe that that game is not in the loser bracket and there will not be one game between the winner and Dhaumyric.

Lol are we both deleting because the other had posted something similar :slight_smile:

I think yours @PetAccount was more visual though :slight_smile:

I think the bug (if any) is in the display. I wonder if the graphic will update when the final match starts so that’s it’s clearer which bracket the current match belongs to.


Anyway both me and @PetAccount were pointing out that it still shows 3 players left in the API.

It has fields for disqualified, resigned, and eliminated and Dhaumyric is none of these, while for example Purble was disqualified for a timeout and MJay1010 was eliminated.


I had no idea you could check the API for tournaments like this. It would have been very helpful in the past. Thank you @shinuito and @PetAccount for helping me figure this out. Dhaumyric is very pleased to know they will have a shot at their title match :heart:. Thank you!

So, would this be considered a bug then? Just with the display, but something that might need a bug report nonetheless?

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Yeah maybe a display bug if it works out properly in the end, and a proper bug if they don’t end up in the final for some reason :slight_smile:

The final game has started: Dhaumyric can play the final game.
Graphically it’s still weird, usually in double elimination tournament the first finalist’s nick is repeated in the rounds that they skip (see, for example, this tournament ) but it’s not important IMO.


Glad to see everything worked out. Thank you very much for the update Sofiam. Just got home and saw this update in my email. You are awesome :dolphin: :rainbow: