Tournament chat channels - have to join to see the messages (multiplying messages)

This is a significant bug, devs are probably aware of it but I’ll explain it to you anyway

Current behavior: if you haven’t joined the tournament chat, you can’t see the messages in it from the tournament page.

Expected behavior: you can see the chat from the tournament page even if you haven’t joined it.

You can leave tournament channel from your chat window which I like to do because it keeps my window clean:

But that means, if I left the channel I can’t see the chat messages even from the tournament page (and messages appear to not come through but they do):

If I go to the chat window, join this tournament’s chat and reload the page it’s normal again:


Now imagine a tournament I’m not a part of. I can’t see the messages and I can’t join the chat in any way I’m aware of. And I might start typing something to “wake up” chat or something. The messages will come through but the user typing them won’t see them. This screen shows two views at the same time (from different instances of a browser). Student_9k can send messages but can’t read them because they aren’t in this chat. Student_1k is playing in this tournament (and joined the chat) so the chat is behaving as expected.

This is the source of “multiplying” messages I believe.


I have noticed related problems. See linked topic “Problems (bugs?) in group chat”. I agree with the OP that these appear to be the same issue.

This should be fixed with


Thank you!