Tournament Creation Defaults

When creating tournaments the page starts with default settings.

Screenshot here FYI

  1. First (Ideal) proposal would be to have the system remember what options were used last time and start with those.
    That’s what ‘Custom Game’ does and it would be awesome and helpful if ‘Custom Tournament Creation’ did that too. Most tournament directors tend to create similar types of tournaments repeatedly so I’m confident this feature would be appreciated and beneficial to the site.

  2. If for whatever reason, that is not practicable then I’d like to request a change of the defaults from the existing McMahon to Round Robin.
    McMahon is quite complex with McMahon bars (that most people don’t understand) and pairing methods while Round Robin is arguably the most straightforward and much more commonly used.
    Specifically, this would be my suggestion for defaults:
    …but hopefully the implementation of Option 1 will make it moot. Also other TDs may have other ideas.


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