Tournament Feature Feedback from 7/26/14 30-20k Live 9x9

I ran 30-20 kyu Live 9x9 tournament and just wanted to share some feedback.


First of all, I have to say the whole system is rather well made and was a fun experience (for me at least). There were 9 participants and went for 3 rounds. Playing in a tournament setting for the first time was intense and I had a great time.

I have a couple of suggestions that might smooth things out:

  1. Chat Room - It would be useful to be able to transmit mass messages to all tournament participants and also have a medium for participants to send messages to the admin. Talking about each others’ game could allow for some interesting discussion and learning as well.

  2. Announcements - I think it would be useful for the system to auto-generate announcements to chat rooms regarding tournament details. These messages should probably be restricted to the group chat and/or tournament chat so it doesn’t spam the main rooms. Either way, announcements such as “Tournament XXX is starting in 1 hour.” Or “Tournament XXX Round has started.” Would be useful for everyone. A congratulations announcement for the winner would be fun as well. :smile:

  3. Byes and Inactive - Unfortunately, one participant had two straight walkovers from no-shows and another participant had two byes in a row. These issues are mainly due to the low participant count and I don’t have a good solution to propose. For byes at least, I think you could exclude someone who already has gotten a bye from getting another one. To alleviate inactive players, perhaps a more audible/visual notification could be sent to participants when a new round starts.

  4. Tournament Start Time - I noticed when I was creating the tournament, there is no need for the organizer to input a start time into the system. I think a start time should be implemented for live tournaments at least. Participants need to be able to know when to log on and the tournament should start automatically in case the admin neglects the tournament. This would avoid the tournament graveyard situation we have going on now.

Overall, I think the system is great and tournaments are fun. Thanks for reading my feedback.



I think I might have a point of feedback to add as well.

It isn’t entirely evident when a participant’s game is starting. I think it would be nice if the participant received a notification when one of their games was starting that, when clicked, would take them to the game in question.

I also second Antipathy’s point about the chat rooms, maybe games starting could appear in there as well?

Good job, Antipathy. Thanks for organizing this.

In a Swiss tournament usually players with the least points get system byes. Instead in Mikasa got a bye in round 2 after winning in round 1.

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