Tournament feature request: Active game thumbnails

It would be nice if the tournament’s page had thumbnails for active games so you could see how each game was progressing without having to go to each players active games separately and looking at them.

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We used to have this on tournament pages but it can get really heavy on the browser especially on mobile devices and weaker computers … so we just need to find a way to make it scale for large tournaments or have sensible paging that makes it intuitive.

I’d also like miniatures since I’m quite visually oriented, but I understand that it’s a lot of work for the server to serve all those images and constantly check for changes, etc.

But what about placing links there to those paired games?

Ah, that makes sense. I think something like the standard “observe games” page ( ) would work. I think most people are really curious about the games status when there are only a few active games left anyway (so they know how close to next round we are).

I would recommend just sticking the “observe games” page (displaying only tourny games) onto the bottom of the tournament page, or if you don’t want everyone on the tourney page to be forced to observe games, make an “advanced tourny” page with the observable games at the bottom and just link to it from the standard tournament page.