Tournament game clocks not stopping on weekends?

I am in two tournament games whose clock is supposed to stop on the weekend. However, the clock isn’t stopping.

The games are:

They are from this tournament:

Is this a bug?

I’m not in a position to say for sure but I can see that in the individual game information panel for either of these games, ‘Pauses on Weekend’ does not appear while it does appear on that panel for one of your other games from a different Weekly McMahon: which started just 8 days later.
Therefore my guess is that the settings for that particular tournament don’t quite match the description given either because a change wasn’t noted in the description or it was accidentally set up differently from the norm.
Either way, my understanding is that tournament settings can’t be changed after it’s started even if it is an oversight.

On the tournament page, it says the clock pauses on weekends:

(Also, I assume tournaments and tournament games are created automatically, so there shouldn’t be any variation between them, but I don’t know.)