Tournament games between disqualified players should be removed from the tournament

Various questions have been raised about players who are disqualified from a tourney but have ongoing games. I understand that where one player is disqualified but is still playing an opponent who is not then those games have a bearing on the tourney score for the non-disqualified player.
However, where both players are disqualified then there is no reason for that game to still be part of the tourney - I understand that it still has relevance as a ranked game for the two players but will have no effect on future rounds of a tournament.

But the tournament is held up while these (pointless as far as the touney is concerned) games continue.

My suggestion would be to remove them from the tournament so that the players involved can finish then in their own time without holding up everyone else. It’s especially frustrating when of the DQd players is on vacation!

To me it’s like ladder games where if you are ejected or leave a ladder, your remaining games just continue as ranked/non-ladder games.


Absolutely agree. With multi-round tournaments like Sim-McMahon there is absolutely no reason why the next round can’t start once all non-disqualified players (ie. those that will be advancing to the next round) have finished their games. This scenario is definitely not an edge case because those that are disqualified due to timing out of a game are also more likely to be the ones playing their games slowly, living on the edge of their clocks.

That said, don’t expect improvement on this issue any time soon because the tournament related code was largely written by matburt. It may still be worth while listing this issue on Github because I believe the tournament code is destined for an overhaul at some point AFAIKWID (as far as I know which I don’t). :man_shrugging:


Hope I did this correctly