Tournament games ending 10/27 or later are not counted

I found that the results of quite a few games that ended since 10/27 morning were not recorded in the tournament pages.

Here are a few examples:

If you click the tournament icon near the top-right corner, you will see the corresponding tournament page. On the page, the result of the game should be recorded as win or loss in green or red, and the point should be counted. But that didn’t happen for the games above. I am afraid that the issue is common for all the tournament games since 10/27 morning, and consequently cause many tournaments to be paused. If you have tournament games ending since then, please check. The issue is ongoing and should be resolved. Thanks!


Pinging @anoek


Earlier I found mine wasn’t counted and thought it would be updated soon…

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Also this two games has not been counted in the Meijin Nines Title Tournament 2017
Thank you!

Experiencing this as well

Besides the games above, here are another two tournament games of mine that ended meanwhile:

Listing here in case that you need to fix them manually.

Also, I saw that you fixed a 19x19 ladder issue on 10/27 morning: Game in global 19 ladder hangs. It looks that the tournament problem started about the same time as you fixed that issue.


The last game in this tournament has finished, but it is still showing as “?” in the tournament, as if it didn’t finish:

Update: that one ended now, somehow ^^^

It looks like the bug is fixed. I had some games stuck by it, but they went through now.