Tournament Gave multiple games

I know it is kinda late, but whenever the second round of this tournament( started, it gave multiple games to everyone remaining. 3-4 games with each person depending on your bracket.

" July 20, 2020

[ 9:03]front: why is there no result of the game (59288) R:2 (vs. MoJoejojo front)

[ 9:06]front: why me with him 4 games"
was the first I’d heard of multiple games, although someone else was having a glitch a few days before which they wrote in the tournament chat.

I have too many games currently, and I decided to downsize some of my games because I was in this tournament and another similar tournament that both started round 2 around the same time and I had a lot of games for the tournaments.

I decided to resign this one because it was the 2nd version and I was still in the first one, and when I resigned from the tournament, I ended 24 games(and even though it was posted, I was both a. surprised, and b. had thought that was only an issue with their group). 3 with everyone in my bracket. I personally think that is a lot of games to have in one tournament at one time. Usually the max is 9 games if you are in a 10 person mcmahon bracket or 10 person round robin tourney. Idk if it helps much to post about this, but I am posting this anyways. I don’t think a tournament should give you that many games.


It happened before.
Look from inside each game page if the “tournament” link is active. If not, that game won’t be taken into account for the tournament itself.
It’s like many games but only one is good for the tournament. Or so it was last time I saw that.

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