Tournament Information page appears to be incomplete

I wanted to look up what the Tournament Type meant for a tournament I’m currently in, but when I went to the tournament information page, Simultaneous Elimination (or even regular Eliminination) is not listed. Can information on those (and any other missing tournament types) be added? Or failing that, can someone explain to me what Simultaneous Elimination is about?

Also there are links within the page to content that doesn’t exist. There are multiple links to a “Pairing Methods” section that isn’t on the page.

Unfortunately at the moment we are a bit behind on documentation (sorry about that, we’ll get to it soon-ish)

Simultaneous Elimination works thusly:

When the tournament starts we divide the players into groups, within those groups everyone plays each other in round robin fashion… at the end of a round only the top 1 or 2 from each group will advance, everyone else will be out of the tournament (there’s no consolation bracket). We then re-group people for the next round and it happens over again until no one is left but the top player.

This is one of those cases where it would be good to have documentation because this type of tournament really only works well for hundreds of players because so many are eliminated at the end of each round. This tournament exists primarily to support some of the old title tournaments from original OGS. One of our next big work items is to overhaul the tournament system which will include true single and double elimination tournaments and most likely the simultaneous elimination tournament will go away for regular users… or have much steeper start requirements. In fact, this tournament is unlikely to be startable at all until at least 100 people have joined it so you folks may be waiting a while.

If that is the case (can’t start until many many users join), can the type of tournament be changed by an admin? Corey told me that he started this tournament because he was tired of tournaments that don’t start. it would be ironic if he can’t start the tournament now that he has gotten his target number of players.

It does look like he’ll be able to start it, just realize that it’ll be a quick tournament.

We specifically don’t allow changing many of the properties of a tournament after it’s created to prevent a bait-and-switch scenario.