Tournament invitation policy

Suppose I want to create a correspondence tournament and I want a lot of people participating in it. Obviously, no one cares about my tournament so to get some people interested I think I would use “invite” function there. And since more - better I might as well invite everyone, right?

The first question: is it ok to mass invite people?

Now I think I might increase my chances if besides invitation I’ll pm them a sort of cover letter.

The second question: is it ok to spam people in pm for the purposes of invitation? What if it will be personalized?

The third question: in general what’s a good way to get a lot of people to participate?


Personally, I wouldn’t like a PM, it would seem more spammy, an invitation would be enough.


I think its also if you also spam cute cat pictures with the invitation. You could prolly get lot of participants if you promise them even more cat pictures. Maybe some videos or gifs too. Kittens usually work the best.


If I randomly receive a PM for no reason I look at it in a negative way usually. I would kind of find it creepy if I was suddenly spammed with cat or kitten pictures, especially if I had never seen the person before. Someone PMed me like that recently, and my only response was basically me asking who the hell they were. Part of that was the fact that they had played one game with a result of them by cancellation, but I had never seen them in tournaments at all, or around. If you randomly PMed me with cat photos, I would understand why now, but if you randomly did it before this post, I would find that weird and probably not join the tournament, unless you explained how you know me(in this case @S_Alexander is in a few tournaments I am in so if he explained that, I would join-well I might’ve joined anyways if you just invited me). Gotta say though, in my opinion the best way to get a lot of people to participate is by inviting them.

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Thanks for the answers. The most important thing is that mods don’t seem to care about spamming in this way.

So, I’ve decided on my strategy of combining invitations (for people I don’t know) and pms (for people I know, even if they don’t know me). Starting probably this weekend, I’ll develop my spamming efforts, and most importantly I’ll write everything down. And in two months I’ll report on the success rate!


You’re absolutely correct. Mass invitations indeed work very well.

Any link for this tournament? Also a link to legendary tournament