Tournament links not working?

I was just checking the active tournaments my groups had going, and noticed that clicking the link to the tournament gives me a “page not found” error, both in the “tournaments” part of the sidebar, and in the links from the group pages.
This is the group in question:
And this is the link that’s displayed there and in the sidebar:

Digging around a bit in other groups and tournaments, I don’t seem to have the same problem.

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Shoot ok, we’ll look into it, thanks for letting us know.

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Same problem with this tournament:

Maybe you should revalidate all tournaments…

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Should be fixed now, we had a bug when viewing tournaments hosted by private groups

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Link now works, but I don’t see the list of games going on in the tournament page. Related issue, or separate?

Seems to be a problem with this link as well:

Thanks! seems to be OK. However, links to, and are not working.

The link to
works in Mozilla but not in Internet Explorer

Just a follow up, we fixed some display issues with those tournaments, however we still have some meta data issues were working through so they won’t be displaying properly still.

Thank you for resolving the problems!

Thanks, looks much better now!

I still don’t see the players and round stats/results for this tournament: I looked at other tournaments linked in previous replies and they work well.

Well shoot… we’ll get that fixed up

It’s all good now. Thanks a lot !

Would you please fix this one as well? thanks