Tournament of anonymous

It would be fun to have an elimination tournament in which your avatar (level, name and pic) would be hidden until you lose.

Each player may instead put some funny image.

(Memory from a very old post somewhere on a masked pro go tournament IRL.)


FYI we had a “masked ball” at least once, maybe twice, in the past: you might search and find it.

We ran it on Beta, and chose custom avatars. We didn’t think of revealing ourselves upon loss: that’s an interesting idea.


So each opened a new account? Well that need a good level of trust later when revealing your identity :wink:
Anyway nice this has been already partially tested.

If there’s a lack of trust, there’s always the option of posting who you were from your main account :wink:


Good point.
But what if someone doesn’t want to reveal himself after his loss?


Cash prize :money_mouth_face:

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Sounds weird if we have to pay the players to participate.

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