Tournament page: can't see weekend pause setting

As per title:

Looking through the available tournaments, whether or not weekend pause is toggled is not indicated on the tournament page.


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I think when it’s there it appears under the clock settings/heading


I see it now, thanks. I had thought that all the text above “Group” was entered by the tournament director, since there is some custom text between clock and group.

Perhaps something to review for how to best present to the user but not an urgent bug.

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Personally I would put custom text above the Clock settings to better signal that Clock:… is part of the settings, and not part of the TD blurb

I assume the reason it is not indented like all the rest is because it can be long and wordy unlike all the rest of the settings which are generally one word.

I will also take the opportunity to bump the last minor layout bug I brought up, that may have been overlooked, seeing as it got 0 responses.

Layout spacing in Games list

Basically that there is inconsistent blank space in the games list resulting in “Weekend” or “Vacation” indication showing on different lines on my clock vs my opponent’s clock. Making it slightly confusing which game it applies to.

As you can see, I am all about the weekend :v:

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