Tournament participant but not listed on home page


I’m a participant in the Monthly Simultaneous McMahon 2017-09-16 tournament, that advanced to the second round today.

But this tournament is not listed in my list of tournaments on my home page, so I was suprised to get another 9 games.

The tournament is listed on my profile page, however. Is there a maximum number of items on the list on the home page? And if so, why are then upcoming tournaments of which I’m not a participant at the top of that list?

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I don’t have the answer to your question I’m afraid but just wanted to say that I’d really like to be able to get rid of the upcoming tournaments and tournaments I’ve resigned from in the tournament list on my home page.
I’d like to just see the ones that are unfinished and that I am still involved in, similarly to how it only shows the ladders I am on and not the ones I am not on, and the teams I am in, not teams I was previously on.

Indeed, there is also a tournament present on my list, that I resigned from.

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