Tournament result bug

Hello. Can you advise please. Why did mikhail.trusfus take 3rd place in the tournament when in fact he took 4th place and I (SoOfHa) 3rd?


Just confirming for anyone reading that it definitely looks like a bug to me: I can’t explain it.

It appears that OnoK defeated both SoOfHa and mikhail.

mikhail and SofHa did not play each other, so it’s not clear to me who should get 3rd and 4th.

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Giving third place to the last loser seems the most normal thing, no?

SoOfha 2 win 2 loss
Mikhail 1 win 2 loss
Wouldn’t it be logical to look at the number of victories in such a case?

Right, but due to the seeding Mikhail only had the opportunity for 1 win. Is that fair?

(Note: I have no idea how this should work, just pointing out the challenge! :slight_smile: )

He played just like the others. It’s just that his opponents were stronger. A common situation in knockout tournaments.
There is an even stranger situation with the fact that Zitouna lost only 1 time and he was not given a chance to return

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They lost by time out and were disqualified

So the calculation is something like “mikhail played one strong opponent and achieved 100% win rate, so he is ahead of SoOfHa, who also has 100% win rate, but against weaker opponents”

Does this mean that you have answered your own question to your satisfaction, and the bug report can be closed?

It definitely looks like a bug because regardless of number of wins SoOfHa made it to the lower final and mikhail.trusfus was knocked out in the lower semi-final


Same tournament. So many participants. But the grid is different.
Apparently due to the fact that Zitouna flew out due to a timeout (he was disqualified), the tournament grid could not adapt to the change in the removed player.

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As far as I understand. If Zitoun had not been removed from the tournament bracket, the following would have happened:
Sofiam is waiting
soofha vs zitouna (soofha wins over time)
OnoKakafeniks is waiting
On the next step:
Sofia is waiting
soofha vs OnoKakafeniks (soofha loses and gets 3rd place)
In the end:
Sofiam vs OnoKakafeniks (Sofiam 1st place, OnoKakafeniks 2nd place)

The bug occurs due to disqualification from the tournament. One stage of the games is skipped and the result is incorrectly calculated. Why the victory is given to the one who dropped out earlier is not clear to me. Perhaps more conditions should be added to the tournament result evaluation system. It seems to me that it took the player to 3rd place either alphabetically or by location in the original list.