Tournament Round 4 Bug(9x9 D.E. ast)


In round 4 of this tournament, me and SPBOG go played each other twice, and Spliff and Grunman played each other twice. Sofiam and BolsoGado were uneffected by this glitch.
I don’t think that there were any problems before that in the tournament. In this round, BolsoGado lost to Sofiam by timeout(losers bracket), Spliff went 0-2 against Grunman(winners bracket), and me and SPBOG go went 1-1 against each other(losers bracket). Me, Spliff, and SPBOG go were all eliminated this round.

Edit: BolsoGado was effected by this glitch because they were given an extra game against scott.guidotti when they were supposed to play Sofiam. They then didn’t know that they had a game against Sofiam.