Tournament Setting

There are several inconsistencies between the group tournament settings and the actual performance.


  1. The Initial Pairing Method is Random, while the actual pairing method is based on rank.
  2. McMahon Bars is 10k - 5k, however, many players do not follow the bar
  3. The Clock setting is 1 week and increments by 1 day per move up to a maximum of 1 week. However, the actual initial clock is only 3 days.

The group tournament is a great function provided by OGS and I hope that you could kindly look into these little problems. Thanks in advance!

The pairing is not only inconsistent with the settings but also looks really strange starting from the 17th group. And McMahon points are clearly wrong there.

  1. Simultaneous McMahon tournaments are a bit of a special case in our system… the groupings are always set up by strength to follow the old OGS system since this tournament type was only ever used for title tournaments and those tournaments always had strength-derived groups. Our new pairing methods would be ignored in this case.

  2. I’ll take a look at this issue, it definitely looks wrong and is probably an artifact of us splitting the ranks up.

  3. The 3 days is the pre-game start timer. Once the first player makes a move the game timer will start at 7 days.