Tournament system

Is there anyway for user to completely be in charge of tournament. I.e. if i want to make custom pairs? Or set points for participants before first game? Because auto game starting in tournament is best thing among all servers but sometimes i dont understand how things work in pairing and giving points.
And one more thing. Is there a way to create tournamets like on chess websites. Like tournament but without rounds and constant searching for opponent from the list of participants


I don’t think custom pairs is a feature that OGS has yet.

Do you mean like these arena tournaments that lichess have for example? Where you get a number of points for a win/draw and get bonus points if you’re on a streak - and you just play for as long as you want/until the tournament is over and it will keep pairing you with players?

That could be an interesting event for OGS to hold :slight_smile:


This could be a good idea for a new update but I think it might be better to create a group and they get a point for winning or you can have people joining the ladder and challenge each other but it will not be as effective and also I suggest the people should have a brand new account for this so it will not take long to try to make the standings.I hope this can come into the game soon but it is not my decision whether or not it will come to OGS soon

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It will make it more fair and unfair though, because you can have 9d+ vs 9d+ or 9d+ vs 25k

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Yes. exactly like this/

But this will be fun)

Probably need a moderator to know about this

I meant you can do that now but hopefully they add this later

I really like @Ozymandi idea!

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