Tournament time control confusion

In this tournament, I was confused by the time control. It says “20 minutes/move”. This sounds to me like a 100 move game would take 2000 minutes, and the first person who had to sleep would lose the game. So I thought the organizer had just done something really wacky and resigned from the tournament.

Well theoretically if both players took all of their 20 minutes for each move, then yes it could last a very long time.

20 minutes / move is the simple time control setting, and it’s exactly as it sounds. Players have up to 20 minutes to make each move.

So I am even more confused now, because the 12 rounds of the tournament occurred overnight. How’d that happen?

Because the TD started the tournament when no one was online, so everyone timed out and the tournament proceeded to the next round after everyone had timed out…

We’re in the process of significantly updating the tournament system to better handle real time tournaments, schedule games, and protect against things like this, however it’s not out yet. For now, it’s up to the TD to verify that folks are online and it’s a good time to start it, which obviously was not the case with this tournament.

Moreover until we have the new tournament system in place you need to make sure that when you join a tournament you look at the time controls and if it is a live tournament that you know when that tournament is going to start.