Tournament won't end

I just won this tournament—> but I didn’t recieve a notification about it; neither is there its trophee on my profile. I thought there was another game coming but in the last game I beat the undefetead 6k on it. Nothing has happened after I finished the game. I am asking now cause maybe it’s a bug and the next game will start after I leave the page or something like that. Probably there isn’t an admin currently on, but if there is, could you check it? Thanks!

I’ll check on this this evening… looks like something went wrong

Yeah, in the second round the 6k guy had to fight himself, cause out of 4 people, two of us went to the loser’s barracks and the other was disqualified (timeout). Thanks mat!

So…was there something that could be done about it after all? I don’t care that much about the trophee, I just want to know so I won’t be expecting an answer to this post, thanks!

No, that particular tournament just got messed up. We’ve since fixed the bug that could lead to that scenario so as to prevent it from happening in the future.

Well, not sure that you have… the Blitz 19x19 earlier today seems to be refusing to end… I won the last match after opponent resigned

Can you provide a link to it?

nope, but i’ll follow up w/ "Why don’t tournaments start on time?"
I’m signed up for 19x19 blitz today at 12:30pm

It’s 12:37pm and tourney still isn’t starting… had same problem yesterday

That tournament started on time at 12:30:06 (took 6 seconds to generate the tournament games) but you received a bye for the first round of the tournament (this happens when there are an odd number of players in the tournament). I guess you left? you timed out in the second game. You can see the layout on that tournament page.

Here is the blitz tournament (if you look through your games history, @asabear, you can see games that were played in a particular tournament) . Looks like it ended normally.