Tournaments handicap calculation time

Some time ago I participated in a tournament.
That tournament started today.
Whan I opened few of its games I noticed that handicap was calculated at the time I participated.
As you can see there are 4 stones of handicap.
If handicap was calculated today there would be 1 stone, right?
My opinion, it should be calculated at the moment game starts.
What do you guys think about this?

Looks correct to me. Handicap was calculated at the time the game started. Handicap’s calculated from correspondence rating, since this is correspondence game.

Now Black is 13k and White is 9k correspondence, so 4 stones. This confusion goes from difference between overall ratings and ratings for specific time.

It feels as if you’re right @Amenofus, but I think this could be difficult, e.g.because some tournaments have rank restrictions like max. 10k, and when then you join while you still are, say, 10k, but when it begins you’ve already progressed to 7k … i.e. gained three stones, i.e. you’d need three stones less HC … but then you’d also have to be kicked out of the tournament because you’re too strong, right?

No idea how this could be solved except if tournaments would have to start within some short time after opening.

Oh, I see your point.

But then I’m wondering why overall rank of my opponent is greater than each separately?
How do they calculate overall rank?
As for me, overall calculated as average would be more intuitive

Average? But what if someone only plays correspondence? Then ratings for other types of games won’t be changing at all. For example, I don’t play live at all so live ratings are 3 stones lower than correspondence.

So as I understand, overall rating calculates separately based on all games you play.

Overall rating may be higher than others, if player is improving really fast, I think. I found good explanation here: How is the new "overall" rating determined?