Tournaments in Texas

I have been looking for tournaments in Texas for a while, but I could not find any.
The latest one seems to be the one from 2 years ago.

Is there any tournaments going on in Texas, especially in Houston Area?
I am also looking for a GO club in Houston Area. (I have already checked the resources on AGA. I tried to reach them via email and phone call. However, there is never a reply. The last update on their website was from 2 years ago. The place where they have meetings was closed already)
Please provide me with some information about them.

Thank you.

Are you on Facebook?

There’s this FB page: Houston Go Club, seems to have been inactive since 2014 (but some people post to it)

And then there’s this apparently newer group (last entry from March 14, 27 members): SW Houston Go and Social Club, seems quite active with RealLife meet-ups, from what I can read there.

And then there’s which seems to be associated to the first-mentioned FB page.

OHHH! thanks.
I think Houston Go Club is officially dead.
Can you please email AGA to remove their info from AGA official website?
Same as Rice Go Club and Katy.
I will check SW Houston Go Club.

Thanks again

LOL, no :joy: I could, of course, but I am just a German dude living in Germany, I have less to do with them than you, why don’t you just notify them? :wink:

And good luck with those other folks :slight_smile:

haha i tried but no one from AGA replied. I thought OGS team might somehow relates to AGA.
Thanks anyway.