Tournaments Options

I was wondering about some posible options for tournaments. The ones that I remember now are:

  • Enable/Disable Pause
  • Enable/Disable Conditional Moves
  • Rated/Unrated games (why not?)
  • Not automatic colors (Nigiri)
  • Not Simultaneous Round Robin (to allow Live Round Robins to happen)
  • Elimination Tournament Types

EDIT: I’ve seen some Elimination tournaments, but I don’t know why I can’t create those.

I don’t think pausing is a big problem. It allows for some trolling but that’s all. I would not want people to be able to remove pause from the games. Then all games would be “no pause” games. The function would slowly lose it’s meaning

[quote=“mlopezviedma, post:1, topic:794”]
Enable/Disable Conditional Moves
[/quote] Trying to artificially limit analyze/conditional moves will not work.People can and will just use another editor or a real board to analyze. If you mean only conditional moves then I don’t even see the point. Why?

[quote=“mlopezviedma, post:1, topic:794”]
Rated/Unrated games (why not?)
[/quote] I personally think all tournament games should be ranked. (Tournament means tournament after all) It seems most people don’t think so. This feature could be useful.

These all seem legit.
Maybe the tournament system overhaul(I heard one is coming) could take some pointers from the current programs that are used to organize real tournaments.

Man, I’m writed the post so distracted. I ment Pausing on weekends.

I agree. Didn’t think enough about that one.

So, noone can make a friendly tournament with some friends? I don’t think it’s a big deal. After all, the tournament feature is just a program that organizes matches. My humble opinion.

On that matter:

Round starting options:

  • automatical start of rounds (status quo)
  • director starts rounds
  • players negotiate start of games