Tournaments starting automatically vs force start?

Hi, I have a general question - if at the starting time of a tournament there are less than the minimum players set (previousy set by me), is the system waiting until we reach that number? I am currently considering Round Robin, with a min of 8 players set.

And more importantly, would I be able (as a tournament director) to force start it with the button “Start Tournament Now” prior to reaching the minimum number of players?

My memory is a little fuzzy but I think I remember this one.

Yes, I think so.

You can edit minimum number of players any time.


It would be nice to know how this really works. Last weekend I created a private correspondence tournament that did not have enough participants to start, and now it’s gone. I don’t think I did anything to cancel it. Did something recently change? I thought the tournament would stay around until it had enough players to begin. Link to my tournament.