Tournaments with reduced handicap


I think it would be interesting if some tournaments (all kinds, including the elimination ones and correspondence ones) would be played with a “reduced handicap” and if the “create game” screen also supported this.

If the difference in kyu level is d, then the combobox “handicap” could (besides current choices “0” and “d”) also contain choices “d-1”, “d-2”, “d/2” and “3/4 * d” - various forms of reduced handicap.

Then a weaker player might win the tournament if he or she performs better than usual.

I think it would generally be attractive if tournament conditions were very diverse, so some tournaments might be done like this. I personally feel very discouraged when I am assigned to play an opponent stronger by 12 kyu - and even more if it is in an elimination tournament.

With a reduced handicap, the weaker player would have a chance and the stronger player would not win effortlessly.

What do you think?

I’ve played in such tournaments (specifically, d-2). Stronger players have the advantage, but the weakest players still have a chance at winning a few games. I think it’s a nice balance.

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Isn’t the normal handicap doing this just fine?

Yes, normal handicap would serve a similar purpose. I’d like to suggest that some tournaments (of all kinds) would be set with normal handicap (especially now when the server does not support the reduced handi).

I think that a reduced handicap has the advantage that the weaker player must try hard to beat the stronger one, so it is fair for both parties.

Even in non-tournament games, the difference between the auto-handicap and no-handicap games is so great that I would appreciate to have a few steps between.


Some Live/IRL McMahon tournaments use MMS-1 or -2 points for handicaps.