Tournaments without weekend pauses

I cannot find a way to create a tournament without weekend pauses.

I have more time on the weekends and I certainly hope that this site doesn’t presuppose that everyone just plays at work.


I guess, it is just you, who is supposing that others presuppose … My opinion is that site developers are making it easy to those, who want to spend time with friends or families during weekend.

Anyway, both you and opponent can play during weekend. If you both are online and you both have lots of time, you can even finish whole game in one session. There is nothing preventing you to play moves during weekend.

Ladder games on the other hand don’t have weekend pauses. Also most games have sufficient time to skip playing for one or two days without problems. It seems more like a random fixed setting that could be easily the other way around.

I hope the weekend pause could be customizable in the settings :slight_smile:

Another problem of weekend pause is that you can’t see the remaining time during the weekend:


We already know that you think that your preferences and opinions should be obligatory for everyone else.

The site developers should also “make it easy” for those who actually take their responsibilities at work seriously, especially those who have work and family during the week, even if you, the most important person in the world, are not concerned by this.

If you are unable to play a move in a game during the weekend due to all the time you have to spend with your friends and family, there is nothing preventing you from simply not entering a tournament with these settings. However, you seem to think it perfectly fine that your preferences should be the only possible options for everyone else.

The only thing that is “easier” for you is that you don’t have to check the settings of the tournaments you join.

We could simply do away with all time settings since there is nothing “preventing anyone to play moves” anyway.
The current settings clearly penalise players who have more time on weekends. (Otherwise, there would be no advantage for those who have less time on weekends. This is especially evident in games with absolute time settings.)

I don’t see why I don’t have a choice in the tournaments created by me that noone is obliged to join.

I am still awaiting someone’s response who actually knows for sure whether this option does exist.

I’ve tried asking that before, didn’t get any answer. Looks like even if the option exists somewhere in the engine it never made it to the UI level: there is no trace of it anywhere.

@Motylek, @Wulfenia: Can you please settle you differences with a jubango or something? :wink:


It seems that the weekend pause can be customized in the tournament settings now. Great! :+1:

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