Training Plan to hit mid SDK

What do you think about it? Its about for everyday like 1-2h GO

Mo: 19x19 on OGS; Go Problems
Tue: Replay Pro Match
Wed: 19x19 on OGS; Go Problems
Thu: Teaching Match on OGS
Fr: 19x19 on OGS, Go Lecture
Sat: 19x19 on OGS, Go Lecutre
Sun: -


Perhaps the only thing you didn’t include in the schedule that could get you improvement is reading books.

I’m not sure if it’s the part of 19x19 on OGS, but I would also definitely recommend reviewing your games yourself, if possible get it reviewed by a strong player or use Lizzie or another AI program to spot and investigate mistakes. It helps to make notes as well, since you then actively have to parse what you think and hence have an easier time remembering or recognising the mistake.


OP is now an active 6k – I guess the studies worked :3


Read books. At 6kyu with that much of interest and time to learn, you have to learn it systematically from opening, joseki, mid game, … end game etc. The best way is to read the books in my opinion and maybe with hiring someone to guide you along the way if you have extra money to spare.

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Anyway there is high probability that his plan changed already after 2 years and becoming a 6k too…

I don’t wanna be that guy, but that 6kyu is with new ranks. Sadly, OP didn’t achieve their goal of reaching mid-sdk with the old OGS ranks. They didn’t rank up at all after they made this forum thread :frowning:

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Ah oops. Maybe he just didn’t follow his plan. Got something else to do. Who knows afterall?

Why did you bump a two years old post? :rage:


How to reach mid SDK in 2 years:

  • Step 1: Create thread on forum.
  • Step 2: Wait for OGS rank update.

Read more: How to reach 1d in 5 years.