Transatlantic Professional Go Team Championship Round 5 Coming to OGS!

We have some changes starting from the next round on June 2:

  • The games will be played on OGS instead of KGS
  • New rules have been applied:

a) Proctors will now serve as local referees. Myungwan Kim 9P remains as the Chief Referee. When players are on the last byo-yomi, local referees are required to observe players as they play. When a player notices a delay, the player communicates his last move to the local referee, and this move becomes a sealed move in the case of timeout. The local referee should instantly contact the organizers. The game is to continue as soon as possible with the sealed move.

b) Players should make best efforts to ensure stable internet connection. Players should ask for help/advice to the organizing team prior to their games if there are concerns regarding technical issues.

c) When the Chief Referee makes a decision, only the team captain of the AGA or the EGF team can make an official appeal (not individual players). An appeal should be in a written form and must include date, reasons, and any additional relevant factual information.

d) When an official appeal is submitted, an appeal panel should be called and discuss the issue. Appeal panel shall be consist of four people (AGA and EGF each recommends two people for the panel). The members of the appeal panel are to be confirmed.


where do i sign up?

Hi Lominoth, welcome to the forums :slight_smile: you can register for an OGS account here.

Great news! Let’s go!

Concerning the refereeing - just get a second computer, a decent webcam and record the (players in front of their) screens. It’ll be super easy to monitor everything that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s best to keep that one offline (i.e. don’t slow down the connection any further).


this is how you should really live stream! :smiley:

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that @Lominoth meant joining the tournament, since you can’t really register on the forum without an OGS account…

Anyways, the tournament is not open, it’s a professional tournament between pro’s from the European Go Federation and from the American Go Association. Therefore you can’t register.

It has moved from KGS to OGS mid-tournament after one of the players timed out due to a connection error, and was judged to have lost on time, since the rules were unclear about connection loss. That’s why the above amendment to the rules have been announced.


Out with the old, in with the new!


Game starts in 12 hours.

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T = –3h 16m

2 Likes is up

Our all @xhu98 commenting with Inseong Hwang

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Game has started on OGS!