Translating Articles from a Famous Go magazine in China

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in translated articles from ‘World of Weiqi’, a Chinese go magazine. many of its articles are from very high level players including many top tier professional players. I’ve translated one article commentating the asian game final between Kejie and Hsu Hao-hung and if you guys are interested in it perhaps I can translate more.

I’m not an English speaker and if there are mistakes just shot me a message


Thats awesome, thank you so much!

Thanks for your effort! The hidden sequence in diagram 9 is very interesting.
I won’t attempt to correct English mistakes since I’m not a native English speaker either, however I’ll point out that the correct spelling is “corner” instead of “conner” since that word is frequently occurring.


Thank you for pointing it out!
sorry for the inconveniences, perhaps I should have edit it with an AI grammar checker.
merci, cheers


That is so cool! Keep going if you have the time! I am always starving for good Go content.

Thank you again! This is fascinating. Sequences like diagram 16 are just amazing, to see how a move in one corner can affect life and death over the other side of the board.

I’ll look forward to seeing your next translation :slight_smile: