Translating to a 19x19 board

I’ve been playing a lot more recently. However, due to my lack of patience, I never do any game that has more than 15 minutes regular time (can’t deal with that online I suppose).

Due to this, I mostly play 9x9 and 13x13 games. I tend to win most of these (recently), but whenever I try to play a 19x19, full sized game, I get absolutely destroyed. So essentially I’d very much appreciate some advice on translating what I’m able to do on smaller boards to increase my skill on a 19x19 board.

Hi @Jacob10194
I’m by no means experienced but as a beginner I know the challenge:
The 9x9 and to an extend the 13x13 board is mostly local fighting, so I guess you’re quite good with that as well as making some local territory while staying alive.
What is completely new on the 19x19 is the influence: If the opponent manages to split up your groups or close you in a small territory you are likely gonna lose, even if you stay alive in a small territory.
This doesnt matter so much on the smaller groups as you completely fill out the board with one or two small groups anyway. On the 19x19 board o the other hand you are leaving behind so much space/territory by making small groups that are not connected.

Hope that helps and feel free to send me a challenge for a correspondence game.