Translation of a go article: Samsung Cup Shin Jinseo v. Xie Er'hao

Hello everyone!

I have translated another article commentating the Samsung cup from World of Weiqi. The game itself is very exciting mostly because of Xie Er’hao’s aggressive style.
I’m sorry for the delay, and hope you guys enjoy this and the coming articles.

I have also added a link to the archived articles, now there are only 4 but hopefully more will be added in the coming monthes. I’m planning to translate another 2 commented games on Samsung cup and one on Go Seigen cup female go final between Choi Jeong and Rina Fujisawa. After that hopefully we could review some articles about Nongshim cup.

Reading the record could be hard so I have include a SGF record of the game this time. Hoping this could help you better enjoy the article even if you do not have a board around.

In the end, a belated happy new year and have fun reading to everyone!

Article Link:

Game SGF:

Archived articles: Archived Articles – Go Translation


Nice work! Thanks, and happy new year to you too, Chinese one coming soon

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