Transparent Stones

I’d like to ask to enable an option to make stones invisible, including the outside ring that highlights the flat color stones ( first option). However the high light move circle should stay. This way every move that is played can be seen. (For anyone curious Hack CGoban had a feature for “blind” Go. if you know you know)

IE The reverse of this picture, It doesn’t highlight the newest move but using this set up is good for one color.

There’s some work being done on custom themes, but it might take a bit of time, possibly breaking big changes into smaller updates.

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Ah yeah, Upside posted the Hikaru No Go theme. It’s basically the biggest reason I play on OGS at the moment besides teaching and reviewing. Basically asking for a HCGoban but for OGS lol. Thanks for the update, I didn’t see them post this.

a long time ago I made a blind mode user script for someone: ogs blind mode (you need a plugin like

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