Traveling across USA, maybe meet up?

Dear Community,

From July 8 to August 9, I will be traveling the USA with some friends. We will rent an RV and go all the way from Boston in the east to Los Angeles in the west.

As a Go player (the only one in the group), I feel that I should take the opportunity at least once to meet some local enthusiasts for a game or two. :slight_smile: There are many black dots along our route on, but I have no experience to tell me how reliable this information is and whether it will be worth it to just drop by unannounced.

Instead, I am asking you if you would like to meet some European tourists passing through. Maybe you could even show us the area (but don’t feel obligated :wink: just a pointer is fine too).

Here are some times and locations:

  • July 8 - July 11: Boston
  • July 13 - July 18: Columbus
  • July 19: Chicago (maybe)
  • July 21: Minneapolis
    We’ll drive mostly along I-90, then turn South onto Route 191 to get to Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City and Las Vegas (August 2).

Let’s see if the proverb holds: make friends through Go!


Columbus is a great place for go! Definitely check out

(I wasn’t a member, but I used to live near there and have attended tournaments in the past. The organizer does a ton great stuff for the Go community, including


Looks like I’m a bit outta your way. I hope you have a lot of fun though! If you ever work your way to DC, hit me up :slight_smile: