Triangular Go

Hi! Anyone else interested in triangular (ie free stones have 3 liberties) Go?

This site has a basic AI and online correspondence games:

The rapid shortage of liberties leads to really interesting situations, ladders work around a single stone and huge walls can quickly crumble.


I’d consider giving it a go. Ladders are hard to get used to I’m finding.

I’m not sure I understand the point of the extra corner liberty. If I put a stone in there it only has one liberty. Sure it makes the neighbouring point have 3 liberties, but it’s not like every point has 3 liberties anyway. There’s an edge with points with two liberties anyway.

Is there a particular reason to have it there?

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If each location is drawn as a triangle then with the corners the whole board becomes a triangle. The corner points also easily become eyes, and a unique ko that requires no supporting stones can be launched from them

That was super fun! Thanks for sharing!

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I wonder if the 1 day per move time limit is too strict…

There is bug with mouse stone placement but keyboard works

Bot is weak, but that doesn’t matter, just give it handicap by passing.

Is it the offset bug? That happens when the canvas is moved unexpectedly, then the mouse position is calculated based on the previous canvas location. If I zoom the site (ctrl+scroll) I can cause this, the page needs to be refreshed to sync the mouse.

Deducing the precise canvas location is also somewhat complicated, so old/odd browsers may experience this bug.

It’s definitely fun, though more interesting on a bigger board than the default (at least, against the AI)

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Really nice. I agree that a larger board would make the game a little bit more strategic since the limited number of liberties for each node define in a strongest way the influence area on a such small board.

What about a triangular rather then hexagonal pattern in order to have 6 liberties per node?

Note that you can increase the size on the site with one of the controls on the page.

I found 19 on a side to be nice :slight_smile:

6 liberty boards are also interesting, really emphasizes whole board strategy since groups can run relatively unhindered. There are no crosscuts so it is great for introducing beginners to Go as the dynamics are often simpler.

The AI may have some trouble on larger boards. It doesn’t really formulate long term plans, but in close quarters it can bite

I came looking for hexagonal Go and since we play on intersections not “squares” I guess this is the best place to drop this :stuck_out_tongue: