Triplicated tournament games has triplicate games, or at least I have three new games per opponent in my group in this tournament.


Wow. That’s new.

There was a similar problem a while back with the automatic live tournaments. Based on that experience, I would say that the game you get by clicking the link from the tournament page is the one that will be counted and the others can be safely cancelled (or annulled if already commenced).

[Edit] Disregard my post. See below.


All games count as valid in that tournament. My opponent resigned our 3 matches and I got 3 points in table.

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The way to tell the difference between


is by going to the game page and checking the right hand slide menu for a link to the tournament. If there’s no link, the game is a normal rated game. If there is a link, it counts for tournament points.

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I’ve typed a description of the issue and some implications that I think need Tourney Directory ruling on into the Tourney Chat, and pinged the TD for input.

I’m also investigating how can we get out of the mess tidily.

Does anyone know whether the TD has a tool that can eject a player without giving points to their opponent?

(It always takes me ages to re-learn what a TD can do!)

Not exactly. A TD just gets the ‘disqualify’ option that ends all remaining games for that player in their opponents favour. However, separate from that, a TD can also adjust the total points awarded to participants as gamesorry sometimes does for the smallest group in title tournaments.

@BHydden: I’m glad this bug didn’t hit our live round-robin!

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OK - I think this is the load that the TD needs to shoulder here then for a fair outcome.

We can annul games that are flagged as “resigned due to bug”, as long as they are not significantly progressed, and leave it to the TD to fix up the results.

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Note: this bug has been found in an auto site-wide tournament now.

If you are affected, please use the “Pause” button to pause the games while we find a solution.

Please do not un-pause affected games if your opponent paused them.

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