Trouble logging in to forums

I’m getting this error every now and then when logging in to the forums, and it’s very annoying cause I have to close the browser and try again (which most of the times work) but I have no idea what sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t?


Are you using a VPN or some other sort of annonymization?

Discourse is sometimes a bit picky about suspicious I.P. adresses, otherwise I have no idea why restarting the browser should affect it :open_mouth:

Perhaps he logs in with one of the unspeakables.

This is a repeat of a problem that existed a few weeks ago. IIRC it was an OGS problem.

I am using a VPN most of the time yes, but I have been using OGS for well over a year and only until recently this started to happen - don’t recall exactly perhaps about a month ago?

But like I mentioned it’s more an on and off thing, and I can otherwise use the website and forums normally so it’s not a big deal for me right now, just wanted to let you know in case it’s something with a quick and easy fix :slight_smile: