Trouble seing comments on uploaded game

Hi, @therooster and I are looking at a game uploaded to therooster’s from KGS. The variations are all there and we can see there moves marked as having comments but no comments are visible to either of us.
Is there a problem with sgf formats from kgs? Is there a work around to be able to see the comments following upload to ogs?

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Iirc (correct me otherwise), chat displayed on OGS is not imported/saved from/in the sgf, but it’s a separate thing.

I suppose it could be possible to add such a feature, but it sounds like backend work. I suppose you could code a workaround that displays a separate window with the sgf comments. Hm. Depends. Let’s ask the knowledgeable.

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Thanks @smurph. The thing is that the comments were made in kgs and the file then imported to ogs library. The variation tree shows and the commented moves have blue circles round them but the comments can’t be seen.

hmmm? i wonder how imports are processed by ogs?

this one seems to be a “game” file rather then a “review/demo” file. i suppose the comments are missing because the whole comments box that shows in reviews and demos is missing.

maybe the coments will show if someone creates a review? :sweat_smile:

EDIT: well, i couldnt resist so i created a review and… the comments are there :joy:


That’s the problem. If you get the comments box to show up, the comments are there. I doubt the comments are preserved if you create a review, but it’s probably worth trying.

I think the upload gets a “game” url, so one is able to run an AI-review for uploaded games.

Edit: just create a review. :sweat_smile:

If creating a review doesn’t work, there are multiple possibilities to work around this. All need programming skills to some extent.

The easiest way is probably to get the development version of OGS running on your computer

You need to change 2 files to get the work around working.

  1. src/view/Game/Game.tsx
    Add the following after line 2156
                            {((this.goban.engine.config.original_sgf) || null) &&
                                <div style={{paddingLeft: "0.5em", paddingRight: "0.5em"}}>
                                    <textarea id="game-move-node-text" placeholder={_("Move comments...")}
                                        disabled={this.state.review_controller_id !== data.get("user").id}
  2. and in Gulpfile.js change all occurrences of to

After you made the changes, you have to start the development server as described on git-hub.
If you now go to you have your work around running.


Genius, thanks!

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Definitely no programming skills! Reviews here we come!

Sure :smiley:

If you want to add more comments to the game, you should create your own review, since this one is mine …

No worries! Enjoy your undeletable review @kickaha!

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All game records are indelible. The only thing that’s ever deleted is entries in your SGF library linking you to the game records you uploaded.