Truncating the rank graph?

Hey there. I have a suggestion to improve the rank graph. Mine (and many other users) reflects the first games I played on the server, coming out of a [?] rank by playing some lower ranked players. It stretches the Y axis in both directions, in my case giving a range of 16 ranks where 5-6 would be more appropriate. Removing these outlying data points or truncating the first few weeks of an established account might improve the graphs. Thanks :slight_smile:


Note that you can truncate by time, by selecting periods in the part of the interface right below this graph. By omitting the very first part of your history, I think you can accomplish what you are seeking, as the graph will automatically adjust the y-axis to reflect a reduced dynamic range.


Oh thanks, I didn’t notice that!


Maybe the very first games shouldn’t be pre-selected by default. They aren’t really meaningful once the rating is established.


I really like the suggestion from @mirthturtle to not show the first handful of matches in the graph.
I’m for example really happy about the progress I’ve made and without the y-axis beeing stretched so much it would look much more impressive :smiley:
Is it important? Obviously not, but it would be nice to have anyways :slight_smile:

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Flip the graph to per game rather than per time and the progress is more clearly shown.


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